Saturday, October 4, 2008



we just passed our Merdeka celebration and many of us believe that we r so patriotic with our nation, malaysia.

i still remember how hanirus scolded us during last assembly. she insisted that we shouldn't hang Palestine flag in the block instead of Jalur gemilang. i heard many of us sigh especially the one who responsible hung the flag.hurm, i dont know which side am i, coz whenever i walk to class each morning, my spirit to learn boosted when i see palestine flag which hung near ds. but yet, what was hanirus said is quite true, instead of love others country, we need to love our own country in the first place. if not, we will be like them. hurm interesting yet confusing.

i still remember clearly words from one friend of mine,

i want to stay in uk, and i dont want to come back to malaysia, i can pay as much as they demanded, (they referring to MARA)

hurm, im not saying that i am good, i am the best malaysian ever, but as human who love his own country, i felt called to write about this. yet, this blog also in english, silly me, i neglected my bahasa for the sake of my english.i have to, it is compulsory. sorry malaysia

yeah, paris rite, i know that is the word and place came to ur mind, but, im not amazed by this plat number, what i am really upset is the sign of ahli parlimen malaysia next of it. could you imagine, the people who responsible in forming and moving our country, likely to proud of the things that is not malaysian. hurm, i know, it is just a name, but, i believe, the nationalism of this fellow already damaged. now, this is what we called as malaysian nationalism
to be continue

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mr.kura-kura said...

I proud with you,Ali. Wa salute you. I never know such things happen at your college. We as a Malaysian should proud and sacrifice with our country. I think the Gov must do the'Surat Perjanjian' which state,student who support by JPA or Mara or whatever must come back to work in Malaysia for at least 10 years or they will find guilty and go to jail. The Gov must strict,we send them to gain the knowledges so that they can apply it for Malaysia's development. Money is not so important because nowadays,our country lack of skilful workers. That's all. Sorry for my broken English. Hope you can understand. Wassalam