Saturday, August 30, 2008

abang, saye duduk asrama

hurm, i have one sad story,yesterday, in the midst of hectic environment of merdeka, i was held in one roadblock. and because it is a second roadblock of the day to me as i had once near ampang early, i became confident. suddenly, one detailed policewomen, a.k.a kentel realised that my license already expired.

adik, ni bulan brape?
sori la akak
saye dok asrama, x prasan
ha, x pe
adik setel ngn abang tu,

then, she brought me to one policeman,

ey, ko nie, lesen 40 inggit pn x ley renew ke?
hurm, saye dok asrama bang,
x de, da salah tetap salah

then, i started to felt that this langsi officer like playing fool on me

ko nie kurang aja btol la, aku ngah tulis ni ko bising2 nape?

hurm, like a bolt from the blue, i called my father,

bah, saman la
lesen tamat tempoh
aduih, amy ni x abis2 nak abiskan duit abah
koperal mane semangat nak saman tu, bg abah ckp ngan die,
abang, ayah saye nak ckp,
ko x nampak ke aku ngah tulis nie?
bah, die x nak ckp,
bagi kat pegawai die
x pe la bah,
die da tulis da pon.

yang ko g kol ayah ko pesal?
ko dok bawah ketiak mak ko ke?
ko da wat salah
sendiri tanggung r
k bang, tapi saman ni brape?
tah, aku mane tau, aku tulis je, ko g tanye trafik

then, the officer's phone rang,
abang ngah keje la sayang,
x ley amik
abang abis dlm pkul 5 nie
sayang nek teksi la k

then, after this langsi officer completed writing the summon on me, he said,

ko anak polis kan?
nape x bgtau?
apsal ayah ko nak tau pangkat aku?
bang, ayah saye SI bang
owh , nape x ckp awal2
ni aku da tulis da
bang, x kan saye nak ckp time abng terus tulis je
ko ni pun

then, one officer came,

ala dik
relak la
biase la tamat tempoh tu
bape inggit je pn saman nie
k la bang
saye ley gerak dlu x?
ko ni kne kompoun je
dlm 30 inggit.
bang, saye dok asrama

why sometimes, rules didnt consider the condition of the charged person ?
why, i need to tell him that i am the son of policeman, ?
why, he didnt know the amount of the compound ?
why, i didnt have any chance to explain but labelled kurang ajar?

thats what happened during this year merdeka celebration
yups it is very meaningful
meaningful to me
coz its changed my perception towards government servant

Monday, August 18, 2008

Being good by the society's eyes

It is very much appreciated by certain community or society when we have a good behavior. we will be like in a limelight where all attentions are directed to us. I use to be in that situation. Some people like funny guy with very talkative character some sort of clown to them. Some people like a person who silent, obey and just listen other’s conversation. Some prefer a person who is also talkative, funny, but in certain condition only. I mean she or he will make people laugh seldom. Each of us has different perception on certain people. Then respect plays important roles.
Here come the conflict,
There are two walking bare-footed fellows, a father and a son, with one camel. When they entered one village, people laugh and said, such a moron person, they have the camel, but then they walk, useless. Then when the father realized it, he asked the son to ride the camel. They, those villagers felt satisfied shut up. After a while, the father and the son entered a different village and want to stop for rest and food. But as they get near to the stall, someone yelled loudly and said, such a disgraceful son, how dare you let your father walking and you ride the camel? You should walk and your father. After the food and rest, they continue the journey. And I am sure you could predict what happened next rite?
Yup, again, they have criticized by the villagers.
The main Idea a.k.a the objective is to show that, it is very hard to make everyone satisfied with what you do and the consequences of what you have done. This is so applicable to behavior. It is very hard to make everyone like everything we do. From my very inadequate but appreciable experience, I frequently heard some of my colleagues that we should have a good behavior within our society. But, what come into my mind is, what is good behavior?
those TOKian, please answer coz i didnt even know.
in a nutshell, for me, we need to learn by ourselves how to accept people as what they are. But, trust me; it is very difficult because our culture have inculcated this habit. And I am not happy with my behavior toward people as they often interpret it adversely than what I meant. L

Friday, August 15, 2008

Platonic lOVE??

Last week, Me and my classmates with guidance from our beloved English teacher, Miss shick, had several discussion about the feeling of what we christened as love. I believe each of us had our own experience of this thing therefore, the definition about it rather distinct accordingly. But, for me, the basic must be, I repeat, must be similar because we are human which have the same feeling interpretation toward certain things and furthermore, we own the same composition of DNA, got what I mean??

Stop talking hyperbolically, here the main idea, silly me, I got all boys group,for me it is doesn’t matter initially until one of my mouthless friend somehow blaze the trail, he said, this is so gay, lol, then, this fellow let we label as Q, said that,’ owh shit, I am not a gay’ then I said, ‘relax la bro, as we are about to discuss something bout love, do you love me? ‘ then, his no-feeling and dull facial expression somehow became serious and spontaneously he kind of yelling at me ‘NO, I didn’t,I have my own pride. But I have platonic love towards you’ And I was astonished at that time and became speechless. Lols. I just kidding when asking that silly question to him but then, his answers triggered me to write something. This thing.

Such an idiota.

Platonic love?

What the heaven does that word mean? Then, someone explained, it is a love within our friends, owh, I see, at least someone know how to appreciate their friend, how to treat their friend accordingly. But, what the F. I hate what in malay we often say as cakap x serupa bikin

kind of people. Call a spade a spade. He said that he have that love feel towards me, hurm..

Ey brother, you don’t even care whether I come to class in the morning or not, you didn’t even once some to my room, you didn’t even once thought about my result, and worst come to worse, you even don’t know a shit bout my background. Yet, you said that you have that platonic love. Where come that feeling? Lols

Such an idiota again

I am not a person who very judgemental,but I know how is the feeling of being cared by our friends. I used to be in my own group in my former school where there is no hatred, no backstabbing, no hypocrite wanker. But when I came here in k*B, I learned a lot, very much from my so-called friend. To make thing worst, I have no roommate since he had to leave K*B because of tuberculosis. Luckily I am not infected. Huhu.

Back to the point, aha, here, I have to learn how to deal with my emotion. There is no solid group that I used to be with. There are no feeling of belonging here. Hurm, this is really ‘preparation’ for me. But somehow, I had altered some of my divine attitude. Thanks god I am not as sensitive as before. Maybe because lack of my friends attentions. Lols . hurm, before I got carried away with my unbearable emotion, let me end touching this keyboard now. THE END

Saturday, August 9, 2008


somehow i felt examination is not so fair means in assesing people. its depend on that person condition that day, the environtment ,and also, the breakfast that morning..huh?

lets say if the person sleepy or having fever
and did not perform well in that exam
does that mean that the person English level is low?

low quality of sound system ,
with the so called standard English accent ,
uninformative KMB representative,
fierce timekeeper which did not allow someone go to toilet,
with one banggali from mars landed here in KMB somehow who keep mumbling like i had borrowed her father's money to take this exam,
with my friend who his facial expression considerably similar to drug addict sit beside me,
looked at me with so pitiful face and mcm nak mati,
what la weyh

with those very favorable and comfortable condition
i am sure that my result will b very cool
as cool as marlboro fresh mint which only admired by me,


last but not least
i remembered one of my friend's motto
which is could be a quote to ponder
'koridor bertekanan tinggi membuatkan halaju saya berkurangan'