Friday, August 15, 2008

Platonic lOVE??

Last week, Me and my classmates with guidance from our beloved English teacher, Miss shick, had several discussion about the feeling of what we christened as love. I believe each of us had our own experience of this thing therefore, the definition about it rather distinct accordingly. But, for me, the basic must be, I repeat, must be similar because we are human which have the same feeling interpretation toward certain things and furthermore, we own the same composition of DNA, got what I mean??

Stop talking hyperbolically, here the main idea, silly me, I got all boys group,for me it is doesn’t matter initially until one of my mouthless friend somehow blaze the trail, he said, this is so gay, lol, then, this fellow let we label as Q, said that,’ owh shit, I am not a gay’ then I said, ‘relax la bro, as we are about to discuss something bout love, do you love me? ‘ then, his no-feeling and dull facial expression somehow became serious and spontaneously he kind of yelling at me ‘NO, I didn’t,I have my own pride. But I have platonic love towards you’ And I was astonished at that time and became speechless. Lols. I just kidding when asking that silly question to him but then, his answers triggered me to write something. This thing.

Such an idiota.

Platonic love?

What the heaven does that word mean? Then, someone explained, it is a love within our friends, owh, I see, at least someone know how to appreciate their friend, how to treat their friend accordingly. But, what the F. I hate what in malay we often say as cakap x serupa bikin

kind of people. Call a spade a spade. He said that he have that love feel towards me, hurm..

Ey brother, you don’t even care whether I come to class in the morning or not, you didn’t even once some to my room, you didn’t even once thought about my result, and worst come to worse, you even don’t know a shit bout my background. Yet, you said that you have that platonic love. Where come that feeling? Lols

Such an idiota again

I am not a person who very judgemental,but I know how is the feeling of being cared by our friends. I used to be in my own group in my former school where there is no hatred, no backstabbing, no hypocrite wanker. But when I came here in k*B, I learned a lot, very much from my so-called friend. To make thing worst, I have no roommate since he had to leave K*B because of tuberculosis. Luckily I am not infected. Huhu.

Back to the point, aha, here, I have to learn how to deal with my emotion. There is no solid group that I used to be with. There are no feeling of belonging here. Hurm, this is really ‘preparation’ for me. But somehow, I had altered some of my divine attitude. Thanks god I am not as sensitive as before. Maybe because lack of my friends attentions. Lols . hurm, before I got carried away with my unbearable emotion, let me end touching this keyboard now. THE END


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