Tuesday, September 29, 2009


u r not everything kay

well, man should have their own stand rite,
im standing now.

dah, tu je nk ckp

harini basikal smpai, yay

Friday, September 25, 2009


u shudnt be bored when u got what u dreamt before
but then somehow u refrained to seize what u got,
haih, when laaa i will get the mood,

come on mood... kurrr kurrr

but then im still bored


dan yg paling membosnkn apebile org pk kamu sentiase emotional,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

3 am

japg pkul 3 am,
kt malaysia depa ngh dok pakai baju melayu n baju kurung
mmg bz r time tu, sume org sibuk nk siap g satu tmpt ni
name die masjid jamek segamat johor

pastu diorg pn smyang, n then, g kat kawasn kubur kt segamat
kt situ dorg akan jumpe lg beberape family besa n then dorg bace doa
time ni sepatutnye yg lelaki akn dok depan kubur n pompuan dok belakang skit
mmg best r semua sedare dorg ade time ni

pas g kubo, dorg akan balik rumah n gather kt sane, time ni, sume dok tayang kaler baju
masing bangge ngn family masing2 yg ade kaler tersendiri
pastu time ni la mintak2 maaf n sepatutnye setiap budak kecik time ni akn jd org kaye baru

n time ni la dorg akan makan kuih raye banyak2 n ade yg main keja2 lua rumah
tp ade sumting yg dorg x de pade tahun ni

ibu, amy ngn abah x dpt nk raye skali taun ni...

4 pm
Mervilee student residences
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4
Republic of Ireland

Monday, September 14, 2009


people always change their mind
sometimes you agree with something,
sometimes you like to do something
it is kind of cool to have this flexible attitude,
but when it affect others and particulary one person
that person should prepare no matter what it takes
so sorry to her
sorry to him
sorry to them
and many more lah

and the best way of defencing is attacking

ignoring phase offically launched

Thursday, September 10, 2009

first great experience

yeah, well, in ireland, drinking is just like teh tarik n lepak in mamak stall in malaysia,
last night, i followed one of my housemate to meet their friend downstairs,
it is actually fun to observe drunk people as they will keep talking anything and almost everything,

you name it, from girl, nation, politics, race and so on they will become like our makcik2 in malaysia who keep talking of others, making up stories to humiliate others, and so on...
well, as drinking is one of their culture, it is nice for them to ask other people as well,
i am kind of pleased when one of them ask me for that,

ali, you will be drinking soon, one or two pint is not so matter, we will still pass our exam, believe me,

but dude, i believe in god more

Thursday, September 3, 2009

heLlo dubLin

we arrived here just several days ago, kind of cold with misty rain,
well, it is just similar to our fridge back in malaysia
but is just more natural,

good 2 irish housemate,
mic n joe, they just as friendly as they can be
luckily i got mozac to be my housemate as well,

internet here has a ample fastness,
so for a skype with my parent, very easy
but, we have to hinder ourself from tasting their food because,
we r fastinggg, n to make thing worst, most of the shops in dublin closed just right after we break our fast

i went to dublin mosque, well, it is really great, they are restaurant n gym and even basketball court there, so , really really mind opening.. but im not into social yet coz we r a lil bit busy.

not forgetting my family and fellow friend who managed to send me until the last gate,

last but not least,

saye rindu malaysia :(