Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i got one 'member'

i got one 'member'
he is the one and only who keep calling all his friend member
but yet,i have never saw his friendship and loyalty
'kawan umpama mutiara katenye'
in fact, i was scolded by him because asked several help in mathematics
i got one 'member'
he is the one and only keep saying we should proud to be muslims
and should show our humble and obedient to our god
but yet, he is the one who neglect his friend
he is the one who proud of his relationship with three girl before
which are younger 3 years than him
yet,he is the one who tease me when i ask ustazah about love and somehow advise me
'member,rilek la, aku da kapel 3 kali beb, 3 kali, aku da alami da pe yang ko alami, rilek la'
like i am younger than him to be motivated by him.. hahaha
like he is maturer than me, although he is clearly 'budak lompat'
i got one 'member'
who saying we should not involve with puppy love (cinte monyet kowt)
but yet, instead of proud with his relationship with three girl before
now he is playing hide and seek in class
and pretending nothing happen
like we r all blind
i got one 'member'
he is the one and only said that we should not be selfish loudly and prominently
but yet, he is the one who do his work,without telling others,but yet, saying about unity and he is the only one who practice that value.
but yet, i never hear any word from him who saying
member, jom stadi sesame
not hoping, i can study myself, but, because he is saying about selfish
but yet, his neighbour neglected by him clearly everyday.
i got one 'member'
who says that muslims should be strong and brave
but yet, he is the one and only who often walk like want to die,
says prayer to god like want to sleep
hurm, i wonder, what are the non-muslims perception to him
because whenever they see muslims,
they will judge islam is like that
so, i will involve as well
umat islam adalah saudara kepada satu sama lain
i got one 'member'
i am proud to have that member
because he keep saying that i am his member


petite girl said...


this is the most funny post today!

At first,you are critisizing your friend,but then you ended up appreciating them as friends.haha!

macam killing from behind+p

i'm not ur member said...

go n look ur self at the mirror..

all ur posts show how good n macho u r n how bad others are..

come on r..
geli geleman jer bacer post2 ala ala puisi yg bajet puitis.padahal haprak.. salah aku kot, saper soh bukak blog ko kan..

my advise for u is stop posting something that annoy others.

p/s: i'm not ur member n never hope that i will be one..

Rhazes said...

terkujat aku bace komen ni
so basically,
this is my blog
so i can decide how to write it whether dalm puisi ke
dlm syair ke
gne bahase tamil ke
sejak bile la aku nak jd macho plak nie
pelik2 je la mr/mrs im not ur member nie
thank u kpd incik im not ur member yang menasihati diriku ini
walaupn last2 skali ko ckp bende yng aku x perlu nk ambik kisah pn
kalau utk annoy others, aku da letak name budak tu
n g announce kat public
tp aku x buat,
sbb die masih membe aku
x kisah r perangai die mcm ko pn
aku tetap x kn bgtau
so mr or mrs im not ur member,
thanks for visiting
and do come again,often

zaid jasmin said...

mantap gak ko nye blog..

Rhazes said...

menade mantap
hampeh je

petite girl said...

wa~~de org marah!hehe
entah pa pe,sukati ali la nak post ape!

go make ur own blog la macha kalau nak pissed off!

go ali+p

Anonymous said...

hahaha! lol! hape la i'm not ur fren tuh.. aku bc rase ok jek ape ali tulis.. ko yg ttiba emo ni pesal? ke ko trase? sape makan cili die la pedas dowh!

shikaai said...

ali biase ar like my say ckap..
dunia banyak ragam..
mcm gak ngan i'm not ur fren yang seems pesimis..

walaupun membe ko tuh seems mcm 2..
jgn end up ur frnship..
hope u can change him..the most tat u colud do..

don't give up..