Wednesday, September 24, 2008


i am sitting in my room, alone, again,with no food (puase kowt)

so bored until i don't want to take a bath coz i save it for last resort
and sleeping and buke pose included in my to do list

i want to go out, meet all my friends, but, puase kowt, nak mkn pe

haha , my family was busy preparing for the eid, but, i just pretend that i don't know

this raya, my family will go to penang, yay.. penang full stop.

but, we have a lots of homework until prioritizing couldn't work anymore,

but again, i am bored.... why ha... why ali.... why...


Anonymous said...

chill bebeyh

shahkang said...

asal ko baring cam sunyi ja lantai tu
kosong benar

Rhazes said...

ni kat surau mane tah
aku kebosanan

majin said...

alhamdulillah kalau kat surau tu takde benda yang perlu dirunsingkan laa gamaknya.