Friday, October 10, 2008

Being Used by ungrateful User

ive been thinking bout this thing since i enroll KMB and started this blog. i think, this phenomenon occurs in my life excessively and i directly blame a person who keen and in favour of helping people, i realised that, this characteristic is not positive anymore in present age.i am not saying that i am a good person, a very gentle and pleasent by people around me. i beleive that i am not so wanted in my society. i repeat, i beleive.
i know, being helpful is kinda good infact one of the vital personality of a doctor. but, when it is practised excessively, it will become weird and create discomfort between those helped person. i realised this during my form 2, when we somehow encountered with pantun during malayCheck Spelling time. i still remember clearly appearance of that teacher. cikgu samad. hurm, he said that,
korang kalau nak buat baik kat orang, berpada2, jangan suke sangat, karang merosak diri, sebb tu pepatah melayu mengatakan berbuat baik berpada2, buat jahat jangan sekali, kenape die x kate, buat baik sentiasa, buat jahat jangan langsung?
this is the word uttered by mr samad. then i asked back
kenape plak x bley wat baik cikgu, bukan ke bagus, tolong orang,
then that well-ageing teacher replied,
memang la bagus, tapi, smpai satu mase, kalau kamu suke sangat tolong die, orang akan pk lain, x pun, orang yang ditolong tu akanrase x selese, x pun, kamu karang x pasal2 kne buat bende yang bukan kamu punya pasal. mcm kere dihutan disusukan, anak dirumah mati kelaparan.
hurm, i somehow begun to consent with his thought.. but, as i grow up, i started to forget what he said and ignored the advised.then, when i entered this college, there are several incidentshappened which triggered my memory of this teacher experienced thought. i realised that, when you help your friend extensively, they will be
1) take for granted.
they will think that you always be with they and hence, take and advantage upon you. i felt this several times, infact, with my childhood friend. he was the one who be with me always, bu yet, i started to realised that, everything dangerous, or riskfull, like stealing mangga (da x buat da), he always asked me. i remember when i have Motorcycle when i was form 3 , all of my friends want to have a ride with meto school. i helped them, coz i have no probelm to do so. but now, when each of them has their own transport, they ignored me, yet when im having trouble, need help from them, they gave 100 of reasons not to help me. i am ver sad. but i belive, this bad habit only possesed by my friend. so it does not applicable to all people.
eh amy, aku xley bagi pinjam helmet la, sebab ayh aku nak pakai pegi keje,
by right, his parent both went to kenduri kawin
eh amy, aku da nak balik kg la, bukan pe, aku malas la nak bgmoto aku kat ko,
eh amy, moto aku rosak dowh, suspension die x ley bawak org
but he is the one who ride with me to school
eh amy, internet aku problem dowh
but yet, need me my help to setup it before
2) there will be no respect to you
certain people born with divine attitude of respecting others but some just don care. if you being to helpful, people will feel that you r not rebelious, and hence, make you their black goat. i do felt it. i know the hardness of being treated disdainly.i remembered i helped my friend's car who jammed and couldnt start. i used jumper and connect my cars battery with his car, but then, after several weary trial, the problem still unfixed. i lose my hope and said sorry. but then, he met me the next day and said,
wey, ko x reti buat la, care ko salah, x reti buat tp nak tolong gak.
and, i said, thanks
3) you will put yourself in danger.
imagine you want to help people when they hve met with accident, and, unlucky you, that people get worse because of your help. then, he or she sued you, how it feel? you will regret the whole of your life. i also experienced once, when one of my friend get hurt. then, as a person who 'ngade2' nak tolong, i asked my friend to get dettol antiseptic and apply it. but then, that person scream in pain,
wey bodo, pe yang ko wat nie ha??
sakit tau x, aku x mintak kau tolong pon kan
reluctanly i said, thanks
4) people will treat you when they want your help only
there are several people who always act like this particulary KMB student. sorry to say but it is truth.(for me). hurm, when he or she, i think, she is much realistic. when she wants your help, she will treat you,
eh ali, nanti tolong ea ejaskan group aku,
eh ali, kau free kan, bley tlong tangkapkan gmba utk aku x
eh ali, ko masuk KMB kan, cmne ha nak dafta nanti,
eh ali, kau tau x mane2 tempat yang ley makan kat kl,
eh ali, cikgu bagi keje sekolah pe ha?
eh ali, ko de no hp budak nie x, thanks..
eh ali, aku tensen la, teman la aku.. thanks
eh ali, kau ley tolong ckpkan x kat kelas bla bla bla.
eh ali, thanks la pulangkan beg duit aku,
but yet,
when we met together,somewhere, accidently
she or he (to not become obvious) huhu, just ignored my existence (WTF!!)
i am glad to help. seriously.i dont want they to remember what ive done to them,
i am not looking for appreciation,
i am not looking for name,
but, please, atleast, respect.
hurm, but somehow, i still opossed with my teacher ideas that we need to help people seldomly,
coz i beleive, those who make my heart hurt just the minority.
i have a lot of friend who are helpful. and i appreciated them a lot
me myself often asked for help from the others, but i tried to respect and appreciate it as much i can
coz i know what does it feel to be neglected and to be helped as well.
so, mr samad, i dont want to follow ur advise.

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