Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weird Part of Me

1)Don't prefer air-conditioning i couldn't stand cold temperature
2)Like to listening to speech or lecture as it can like take me away from the place i am
(if it is interesting)
3)The less i slept, the more enough it is. i have to sleep at 2 am everyday to wake up 7 am automatically. if i sleep lilbit earlier, or lil bit later, i will become weary and not in the mood
4)i have never bought my own jeans pant. i don't know why, but all my pants that i wear must be given by somebody elses like my uncle or my father.
5)i don't have my own room and substantially, no bed. i will sleep on the floor of my living room. and you know what, it is much refreshing. lols
6)i have never bought my own mobile phone, but my hp now is not stolen one, but given by my parent as gift.
7) i have never get any birthday gift since i live except last year which was adidas t-shirt from anim gemok gedempol.
8)i dont like to watch television, but i prefer listen to radio, as when we listen to radio, we can do any other work such as playing kite, lols
9)everyday, before go to school, i set several aims such as to answer at least 1 question, to silent for 1 period and so on, believe me, it is fun although i dont see any positive site of it.
10) i have never feel enough to have friend. and i ofte found that definition of friend of mine likely to be differ as others.
11) sensitive, which is scary because it is contradict with my facial expression and appearance.
12)talkative to certain extend where i am unable to stop being soo noisy.but, when i am at home, or with relative, i will become a silent and shy boy which only smile when asked anything.
13) like Nescafe so much until i think other beverages is not healthy coz ful of chemical flavour.
14) hate when i get similar things or outcome with others.i dont know why, i dont lke to feel common.
15) my madness in music make me bought 3 sony's speakers,
(my earphone, my headphone,and my mini speaker with sub woofer)
16) i like proton saga so much
17) i like play control car so much until i bought it using my duit raya last raya.
18) dont like spicy stuff such as nasi lemak kafe.
19) like to stay in dark room while listening to my radio, it is really soothing and relaxing
20) my pillow must be atleast 2 because i need two in my head.if i use one, i will become dizzy and couldnt sleep.
thats all for now, i will detect again and update it. lols


Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

"TORON" is still a gift wat~

adlan wafi said...

"everyday, before go to school, i set several aims such as to answer at least 1 question, to silent for 1 period and so on, believe me, it is fun although i dont see any positive site of it."

this is awkwardly interesting actually. u're setting goals that u want to achieve on that day...;)

Rhazes said...

for the sake or my own entertaintment

petite girl said...

hahahahhahaha~~wa~~~we have something in common!we love to do crazy stuffs!

for ex: i love to take dares because it is like doing something out of this world and at certain times,i do those crazy pieces of mind because of the so called philosophy "hidup ini sekali!!!"

yeah, i know it's so lame but I LOVE it and enjoy it very much.Being common is very boring .And I dont want my life to be one~

Rhazes said...

life must be dull if we keep doing all common stuff

Anis Syuhada Azizol Rahman said...

" i like proton saga" ?? *___*
hokayyy~haha..very interesting~

gud post.. ^^

Rhazes said...

malaysian maa
must like malaysian product