Sunday, October 5, 2008

ma Nu CaR

i get scolded by ma father coz spend ma money for this 'crap', He said.
but, u know what, i like old stuff, i mean, those stuff during my childhood including gasing and excluding pacifier. lols

you see, i spend a lot of time onlyby looking to thic control car,
i dontknow how much i will spend when i got my real mitshubishi evo in future, haha

you see now, those four relays which make this crap damn fast. this is the heart of this car, simillar like carburator and alternator for the real car. lols, that 40M not stand for 40 miles per hours, but the frequency that control this fellow is 40 megahertz.

hey, check out its nu skirting, lols, i just made it using cardboard, silly me, it looks horrible. hurm, but, it somehow increase the stability of this car, interesting isnt?

see the neon added (just normal LED) near the deadly rotating tire?
this is what we call as pimp my ride, lols
i know i sound silly, but, atleast i got one hobby and weirdly, i am proud of it,


d4uh said...

oiii...bwk g kolej aa...aku nk men

Raja Burhan said...

nice ride..
lesen lu ade tak mat?
P tak bubuh pon..

mr.kura-kura said...

gua nak tumpang,ahaks

Rhazes said...

nnti aku letak p
petg ni nak bwk g jpj,
sbb kerete nie selalu kne saman speedtrap blik kg aritu
susah btol

baizura_bye said...

hah buang duit negara je!
:P :P :P