Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fantastically fun!!!

that's the only word that i found suitable to depict what was happened between 10 and 11 december.me with my fellow schoolmate mawi,apek,tito,shai,and daniel went to hutan lipur chamang in bentong, pahang.With only 1 day of meeting, we manage to plan the camping succesfully.Although for someone it is to clumsy to do it. Right after the meeting in klcc, we went to titos house and used his car to get ‘household’ for us staying there.
The thinktanker of this program is daniel, not to mention his contribution by legalised the camping with those required birocrachy to be settle. While tito’s unreluctantly willing to provide transportation service with an open hand (although we need to pay the fuel as well J). Initially, i am quite afraid to go because had been given warnings by my parent, but after thinking about the adventure part, i closed one eye, lols, the journey was fun because we keep talking inside Tito’s luxurious NAZA Ria.after we reached there and assemble the tent, the manager of the place called us, they want to see our application of camping. Luckily danial settled everything.we set the tent quite near to river.in order to get there, we have to cross hanged bridge. it was damn scary coz im a person that afraid of altitude.
Our first program definitely not ice breaking (although tito suggested to do so),but we cook maggi mee, this time we cooked kari flavour. then we swam for the first time in the river and played ‘water rugby’ Where shairazi become man of the match. Then, at night, we had bbq ,definitely combination of two chef, tito and shai make the bbq better. During the midninght, we had several chit chat until we felt asleep. The next day, we woke up quite early to pray and breakfast with roti bakar arang. It is delicious, trust me. After that, again we had our maggy and this time, we had tomyam flavour. Then we cleaned our camping base and we dragged our tent to the other place As a farewell, we swam in other place of the river where the water current was so great. Until me myself couldnt stand. Mawi build several so called castle on the rock and we took several last picture for our memory to be proud of.
After packing process,i felt scared when danial returned surau key, the ranger of place asked us whether we got disturbed by 'bunian' or not because the place that we camped was exactly the place where several people got disturbed previously.thankgod nothing has happened. Maybe because we prayed together (jemaah) right beside our tent. Journey to back home was faster as expected because i found something weird. Whenever we went to some place that we never been before, the journey back must be fasten or shorten. Dontknow why. lols


Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

x ajak..

Anis Syuhada Azizol Rahman said...

tah!ta ajak org!tombong!taya kawan die dah fatul!

Rhazes said...

sombong gile
jgn kawan die
gloop gloop

Anonymous said...

wah cm best!

Anis Syuhada Azizol Rahman said...

ape ni ape ni.haha.wat2 x ngaku.cis!gemok.

Rhazes said...

lenkali aku ajak ko tau
kite g tangkap ikan gloop gloop

mr.Nik Syafiq said...

wei,umah aku kt bilut je,dekat ngan chamang tu,xbgitaaw pun,huhu..
tapi boring gak sbb aku da slalu pegi tempat tu,hehe

arina afrina said...

tengok gmba cam x mencabar je gmba 2..

Rhazes said...

mmg x perlu na mencabar