Friday, October 17, 2008

Law r mend To Be Broken

i was sadly broke my law
which i create it
with the full of insanity
which is not to go home until i completed my IA
my EE, my TOK and so On
because of water shortage
i have to
is it ethically wrong?
is it i am all to be blamed?
whenever i put my first step in my house,
i somehow will forget about KMB
change my mind as bachelor
thinking i have a lot of money
and a lot of time to be spend wastefully
lots of friends to be loitered with
lots of mamak stall to be visited with
lots and lots and when it come to Sunday
ey, sape da siap lab report,
pas2 r skit
but i learned and inculcated in myself
one sentence which keep me relax until now
haste make waste
so,why so serious?sonrisa siempre :)


Anonymous said...

go go chaiyok

ApeK said...

rilek la kau
smpai ko nak exam besok
baru ko stadi


aku suke part yg lab report tu...
mantap dan tepat sekali....
dan utk kelas ak,ad dialog yg lebih tepat....
'hmm...pak,anta esok r lab report ea?'
'ok..ok...xde hal...'
alamatnya bulan depan r jwbnya lab report tu sampai kat tgn cikgu tersayang...

zaid jasmin said...

don't so serious...just be wise..manusia dalam kerugian melainkan yang berpesan-pesan dgn kebenaran dan berpesan-pesan dengan kesabaran..