Monday, February 28, 2011

Plain Shoulder to Cry

i have suddenly came across one circumstances,
whereby i heard a story, not a story, mere to stories,
about how people, tried to find someone to talk to,
when they depressed or having nervous breakdown,

i pray they really2 found the right one,
that really2 care mere than just curious,
because all care person tend to give solutions,
yet not all curious person do <--- hard truth

things will be better if the very same depressed person,
share all those state of mind, up and down,joyful and sorrowful,
with the same person they 'used' before again and again,
so that they will be making a true friend rather than just

a plain shoulder to cry :)

Look up for this sign!!


ShirA said...

fewwiitt, gmbr seksi lor...#.#

lamer x on9, mane g?fuu~

ellejay said...

tak pernah senang nk carik. tapi da jmpe mmg indah.

Rhazes said...

shiro, haha, x pe,
sexy yang cute :P
ade je, study! haha

ellejay, yup2, susah nk jmpe, sbb tu kene appreciate, drpd gune je, teruskan coba mencoba :P

i'm shirO said...

pakcik, blog baru saya..jempot la singgah...

Walrus said...

stiap hari ak rs nak nangis....

Rhazes said...

err, maaf ye cik walrus, tangisan perempuan saje dilayan, hahahaha