Monday, September 29, 2008

Bye Bye Ramadhan....

hurm, i know it is a lil bit late to talk about ramadhan now,
but you cannot feel the existence of something until you lose it
i know i am not so decent and alim
not wearing that kopiah 24/7
never be imam in college
have done many wrongdoings
hate and being hated by peoples
yet i know my islam
(although it is only a drop in the ocean)
i had one aim this ramadhan
but, sadly i couldnt accomplished it
i wonder why, maybe my momentum of ibadah didnt fulfill the criterion
or, maybe my bad deeds overcome my good deeds
or maybe HE want to test me again and again,
(29:2) Do the people think that they will be left alone after they have once said, "We have believed," and they will not be tested?
i bet raya is tomorrow,
i hope, my duit raya exceeds 200
coz i need to repay my debts
i mean, my budget deficit
kak zie will love me if she read this
now, while i am writing this post
i am ready to balik kampung
it is 3 03 am
and we will depart from kl about 5 am
whoa cool tentative, haha
i hope this syawal will bring a lot good thing to us
would love to ask all my friends for apologies
i will change to a better person

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


i am sitting in my room, alone, again,with no food (puase kowt)

so bored until i don't want to take a bath coz i save it for last resort
and sleeping and buke pose included in my to do list

i want to go out, meet all my friends, but, puase kowt, nak mkn pe

haha , my family was busy preparing for the eid, but, i just pretend that i don't know

this raya, my family will go to penang, yay.. penang full stop.

but, we have a lots of homework until prioritizing couldn't work anymore,

but again, i am bored.... why ha... why ali.... why...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adventureous night (ye la sgt)

last saturday was a day which we waited for.We (M07Fian) went to alamanda to break the fast, it was "happening" actually with each of us dispersed equally inside the alamanda, some of them bought books, and some of them event shopped their household goods, (i wonder why)
lots of joy and happiness is a normal cliches to be said but of course, each of us had different feeling.maybe because something happened earlier.not to be mentioned because it was very silly yet effected the whole day. my mood spoilt t the first place, sorry my classmate. :(

we watched movie together, not to be mentioned also what happened during the decision making time.the death race movie was fun but i am quite surprised when heard one of my friend, had watch the movie yet insisted to watch it again. because of the main actor body i guess, because it is quite obvious.when we r approaching the break fast time, i was taken aback because our class not yet gathered at the rendezvous, which was in front of the ARL bowling. but, after waited for several second, again, we decided to not to wait and just go in to take the foods, luckily it is buffet, i had to use my spare stomach to fit the RM 30 buffet.And of course the late comers and also the lone ranger still make trouble for us where we need to figured out how to locate them in that crucial time. i don't know what they r thinking by simply came 5 minutes before magrib.

After that scrumptious eating feast, lols, we played bowling, not to be mentioned our pray which are luckily completed. when we finished bowling, it is already 10 pm. the girls already mumbling to go back home, but boys will be boys, we decided to karaoke for a moment while girls are waiting for the bus, although i am not so sure and actually not even interested, majority always win.

we finished that hilarious moment around 11 pm and my friend said,
'ala kompem de bas aku penah balik pkul 12 kowt'
and hence, my confidence boosted.
Then, to make short we waited until 1 am, there are silent disputes going on within our group. i believe it is because some of our 'royal' group-mate who cant leave her or his (to not make it obvious) bed. i wonder how they can survive overseas coz they could not afford to not be at home (college) even once. whoa, so adventure but not comparable with what our brothers and sisters in Islam are having around the world, yet, i heard another complain. come on guys.instead of thinking the alternative, they keep blaming the others. i believe it is because our bowling and karaoke which make we late. it is better light the candle than curse the darkness.
i got a call from majin, and msg from meno, luckily they still remember me, coz i didn't stand to be with those didn't.
wey bai, x kan nak sahor kat putrajaya kowt, nak aku amik x?
gne moto pak gad haha
After a while, one girl's parent came and fetch their gender-mate friends.i am not angry yet relieve coz u know why la. haha. then, the nicest guard i ever know ant to send us to mamak stall so we can sleep at nearby surau and sahur.very kind of them. thanks pakcik. i ate nasik paprik and nescafe which caused me 9 ringgit. hurm, nak kaye cpt2 pn agak2 r kan . then, we slept in nearby surau. and quite suprised when i saw my friend reading his note about gas exchange during this tiring moment. salute beb.
subuh came, then, we move and continue our journey to putrajaya sentral, and luckily got to college before 9, so we will have an ample sleep, excess indeed. i woke up at 3 pm after that,lols, i learned a lot, how to take the responsible although people might said ey ali, ko wat kepale la, haah, kepale otak kau, if i want to wait them to make decision, it will take the whole night because they keep objecting what ever suggested, and this is a prominent problem of my class. when all leaders grouped together, ego makes them unable to respect others decision yet couldn't come with brilliant enjoyable night and i learned a lot.
'ali, unity in this class is hopeless coz it is not important' (anonymous)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ali... be serious please.. (Anonymous)

I am thinking
whether my facial expression which often labeled as serious and matured should go parallel with my own attitude

i remembered what my mentor said in our last meeting.

"ali, u r the most matured person in this group physically, yet, you are the most cheeky"

and my fellow mentor-mentee members blast out laugh.

Could you imagine, how can i stay in my serious so-called excellent class, where the is appreciable accumulation of selfish and arrogant wit and shrewdest student.
whereby in many occasion, a drop of single needle can be heard throughout the class.

And yet, they asked why u r so cheeky??

damn, it will be like in the funeral event.

i think, they like it
i see eye to eye with you teacher.

ok ali
be serious

like one of my classmate.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

watch out!! it might be raining.

sometimes, we don't realize, something bad happen, is actually something good, we often labelled certain sadness that we experiencing is a catastrophe and likely to hate it very much

Lets think about rain, now, imagine yourself at a field, playing football, then, a thunderstorm came and the weather changed to horror frightening. we cursed the rain and without thinking much further, we seems frustrated.It is a heavy rain which you could even walk, in simple word, it is unbearable.but, after the rain stopped, the weather became calm and fresh.the atmosphere became very pleasant and we will thinking of playing football again.we didn't realise, god actually wanted to give us the beautiful rainbow right after the terrific, think carefully when u r frustrated because of certain thing. it is not the end of world.lols

This happened to me just several days ago when i totally frustrated with my placement and luckily i have my friends who reduced my tension and sadness without i realized it.thanks to them.appreciation will make friendship better. :)
i remember one cliches which is one of my friend favourite one,

if we couldn't get what we want,
lets like what we get.
be thankful.
God know the best for us.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Why smokers are happier when cigarettes cost more

i am thinking whether govt made the correct move in our budget 2009 to raise the Walue added tax (VAT) directly to cigarette. one of my opposition in my class said govt failed to stop the smokers by only raise that much. but, would smokers prefer that cigarettes be expensive? Certainly, higher cigarette prices would make smokers healthier. There is plenty of evidence that smoking is very bad for you, and almost as much evidence that people smoke fewer cigarettes if they are expensive. But "healthy smokers" are not the same thing as happy smokers.

So, do high cigarette prices make smokers happier? If smokers are rational, they don't. But if smokers are wracked by temptation and are trying unsuccessfully to quit, then higher prices might make them happier by encouraging them to smoke less or even to stop entirely.
This turns out to be a controversial point for economists, surely members of the only profession that could argue about whether smoking is rational. That is not as absurd as it sounds. Even smokers know that their habit is dangerous; in fact, economist Kip Viscusi established that smokers overestimate the risks. And there is nothing necessarily irrational about deciding to embark on a course of action that many find enjoyable but that is painful to reverse. Otherwise, marriage would be irrational too. Addictive or not, the question is whether, for some people, the benefits might reasonably outweigh the costs.

A second possibility is that, rather than acting rationally, smokers are helpless puppets who will pay any price for a smoke. If so, expensive cigarettes are bad news for them; making them poorer without encouraging them to quit. But that possibility doesn't fit the facts: We know that smokers respond to price signals by smoking less. They also smoke less if prices are expected to rise at some later stage. This implies that smokers both think about the future and recognize their own addiction, because a self-diagnosed addict who expects prices to rise might try to begin the difficult process of quitting before the habit becomes expensive.

A third possibility is that smokers are neither puppets nor ultrarational robots, but simply creatures of flesh and blood. They recognize the risks and would like to quit but keep valuing the short-term bliss of the nicotine hit over the longer-term benefits of kicking the habit. For smokers who fit this description, expensive cigarettes can indeed be a blessing by encouraging them to cut down or quit. Rational and temptation-wracked smokers behave in similar ways, smoking less if prices rise. They just feel differently about price hikes in the cigarette market.

One way to resolve the debate is to ask smokers how they feel. Six years ago, economists Jonathan Gruber and someone i dont bother to know did the next best thing, looking at two large sets of data on overall happiness, one covering Canada and one the United States. By comparing what happened to happiness in U.S. states and Canadian provinces where cigarette taxes rose, they were able to take an educated guess at whether high prices made smokers more or less cheerful.

They had to make some heroic assumptions, but the results did point in the direction of the temptation model: Where cigarette taxes rise, "potential smokers"—the people whose age, class, income, and domestic circumstances suggest that they are likely to smoke—are happier. So when the tobacco industry raises prices, at least it may be spreading a little cheer.