Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some People

some people do appreciate what u have done to them.
but some just dont care as long as they are safe.
some people do have the 'give and take' sense on them.
but some just gain as much as they want

some people do respect someone the knew
but some just do what they like to do
some people do value their friends
but some just on the name

some people still be the candle burn himself
but some still dont want to spend for a bulb for themselves
some people do realize people will become more and more selfish
whilst some still living on the castle they built on the air

some people dont want to have a fight with their friends
but some just do things as if their friend are dumbs
some people do love others sincerely and honestly
but some just think love on their own interpretation

what ever they have done to you, just bear in mind,
Doesn't matter how many liter of tears the caused you
do good deeds accordingly, do bad deeds never.
you shall be on the safe side InsyaAllah :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Its been a while

Its been a while
since last time, i trusted myself
pampered by fun things and leisure
Have made me suffered of
the Not-trusting-myself syndrome

I should never argue myself ,ever
because most of the things i predict or deduced
became true sooner or later :)
and people would understand it sooner or later :)

And Oh God, Please Keep Guiding me
Because I Am Nothing Without You