Saturday, June 3, 2017

fishing 2.0

i know i should be on the road now to KL
my wife been waiting, but iphone problem plak
so now need to reformat.. again

so in the mean time,
yesterday i went to fishing with Athes, my surgical mate,
we went to nibong tebal, suggested by his chinese uncle,
its at byram, weird place name, through really dodgy road,
then at the casting site, it was pitch black,
we stay there for good 1 hour then i cant tahan already
the mosquito was so happy as they having buffet on my arm
so we change site, which ended up at first bridge

this is my second time went fishing,
and it is a bit unlucky compared to the first one,
i got only 1 gelama and athes got 3 weird fish
whereby the first time with meno n nob i got myself 4 fish,
beginner's luck? hehe
we finally gave up at 5 am, so i can cun2 go to sahur

all the fish ended up fried by me for buka puasa hahahha
so yeah, now im going back to kl, to send my beloved bike,
as part of my perfect plan of moving out

so ika, tunggu jap hehe

Thursday, June 1, 2017


long time no see
how are you doing my blog? :P 

i have finished my housemenship training, 
purposely choose not to write anything 
coz i dont want to remember those painful experience 

so here i am 27 years old 
Dr Mohd Helmi MbBch Bao 
floating in surgical, awaiting to transfer to selangor with my wifey 
which already been there ahead of me almost 4 month 

well, nice guys finish last hahhaa 

so will be writing again 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

sweep sweep

kelakar bile melihat post2 yang lame2 dalam blog ni, getting mature i guess? oh btw i failed my surgery final long case and going to repeat it this october and yeah, i just got married woohooa

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Berlagak- perangai golongan yang 'senang' yang kadang2 berlaku tanpa disedari, ianya hanya menambah kebencian dan merosakkan hubungan orang lain terhadap diri sendiri, semoga aku tidak pernah berlagak :)

berlagak jap haha

orang yang mempunyai kekayaan melangit kembali ke tanah yang hitam lengit, 
orang yang miskin tidak mempunyai apa2 kembali ke tanah yang sama
orang yang mempunyai kekayaan melangit tidak semestinya berhati duit, 
namun org yang miskin tidak mempunyai apa2 tidak semestinya mendambakan harta 

kekayaan keluargamu bukan lah lesen untuk mengambil enteng toleransi org lain, 
kemiskinan keluarganya bukan lah penanda dia boleh dipandang sebagai orang ketiga
kekayaan keluargamu tidak menjamin kejayaan dalam jurusan mu 
kemiskinan keluarganya bukan lah punca jika ia gagal berjaya setelah bersusah payah

 sesekali kene back to the ground :)

orang yang kaya tidak semestinya hidup bahagia selamanya
orang yang miskin bukanlah pastinya orang yang sengsara sentiasa 
aku tidak mampu untuk berbangga diatas segala kurniaanNYa, 
kerna menangis dan meronta tidak pernah menjadi cara ku untuk memperoleh sesuatu.

thanks indonesia

semoga aku tidak pernah berlagak 

Monday, November 28, 2011

When exam is near

In every starting of new semester,
people will have a new spirit and motivation,
this semester not gonna be like last semester,
but in the end, picture below need no caption,

you will appreciate youtube videos better,
even staring at a wall seems fun,
even tidying up room feel so relaxing

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Planned Love

We all already came to a term that He always the best planner,
Yet we still have to plan for our self
And for the past 3 years, although i persistently not in good manner,
He still always always grant all my plans


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Medical Career and Islam

i have just resigned from a post,
sport representative of islamic society,
a post which i mistakenly perceived,
to be the post that should be fun and beneficial to others,

well, random stranger may be judgmental and say,
i am coward, lazy and dont have responsibility,
they might as well add their hatred toward me,
but things are not always same as we see from outside,

my third year studies began to become more stressful,
well, since every semester, we usually will emptied our brain,
so have to regain back all the knowledge that i am expected to have,
i am not like the other genius guy which keep the same momentum of learning,

i have already regret the way i judge people's studies by mocking them,
yes, i am wrong, people do have their right, they have their own way,
and we, as friend should not mocking them, coz when the karma happens, it hurts,
it is like, mocking a rugby player that keep training everyday, look stupid isn't?

but then, when someone said to me, go study and abandon islam, sarcastically,
that's not a good compliment i supposed, what is the post to compare to Islam as whole,
even, i don't think, people in the society it self, doing the right things themselves
unless talking in the prayer room is one of the criteria of becoming good Muslim,

im not a good Muslim to begin with, not a good medicine student either,
so is it wrong for me to focus on medicine first so then, i can contribute to Islam profoundly?
compared to just a 1 semester of organizing sports and stuff according to certain race needs?
i think i have my own choice of life given by my owner, My Life :)