Monday, February 15, 2010

HebatNye Mat Saleh 2

just now, i want to have my nescafe but then stopped by one girl (my Hsmate's Friend) on the living room, which was appeared to be little bit drunk, as a nice person, (haha), we got into a normal conversation until she somehow asked about women opression in islam.

As she claimed to be religious but not pious,i asked about her stand, she which is a worshiper of mary and jesus of course, have a common stand which all non-muslim will think about islam. and below is my summary of what we have discussed.i told her that i am not a good muslim, but she insisted to ask,

she= dont you think that wearing veil somehow oppressing Muslim women as they are forced to do so to protect her modesty from women, many laws in islam somehow are not fair toward women.
me= have you take a look at mary, the mother of jesus, i wonder what she is wearing...
she= Alright, i respect virgin mary, and i respect her wearing veil, but im not wearing it.
me= haha

she= ali, how many wife that you want? i wonder how can men can marry 4 women.
me= haha, it is not compulsary for us to marty until 4, it is just we can if we want to, but with many strict condition
she= (While reading flyers about islam in a nutshell), alright, it is written here, but what are those strict condition?
me= you have to be equal in everything, food, clothes, money, and even attention.
she= alright, so do you want to marry more?
me= haha, depends on the needs (gatal2)

3-Concept of god
she= are you pray to mohamed and Allah is your god?
me= nope, i pray directly to Allah, no barrier between unless unless He want.
she= owh, we believe in one god as well, but we pray to jesus as son of good, we have 3 in 1, father, holy ghost, and holy spirit
me= can you explain more, im confused here
she= haha, it is complicated you know,
me= alright, we respect Isa peace be upon him, but he is not god for us, because he just a normal person as mohammad SAW. so they are not god.
she= so for you, jesus is son of god?
me= nope, jesus is a normal person, but he is a prophet same like mohammad SAW
she= alright, so Allah is your god
me= yeah, the one and only, what is your god name?
she= god.

me= have you read the bible entirely?
she= owh, i read major of them, but it really hard you know
me= yeah right, for us, bible is for believer, which stand their point of view as believer and A;-Quran, is for believer and non=believer because it has proves and evidences in it. i shall brings to you the translated version. and can you bring your bible to me?
she= hell yeah

5-Prayer time
she= so during lecture do you have to stop and pray?
me= nope, we can combine the prayers together where necessary
she= how many times that you have to pray?
me= 5 times,
she= we can pray anytime we want.
me= no wonder churches are empty
she= yeah..

she= do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?
me= yeah, it is just to become a ticket to invade afghanistan
she= yeah, i believe that also, all the leader now just a puppet.
me= huhu, we knew that already, we are not dumb enough to go to other country and bomb the plane
she= yeah, i am suprised that you guys knew this already, i dont think you are clever enough
me= im sorry?
she= yeah, i dont think you guys clever enough that can know what i knew because many of my friends think that i am crazy, do you know illuminati and freemason, the will conquer the world.
me= nope, they already conquering the world
she= yeah..

she= i heard that women in islam have to wahs their hand if they touch non muslims boy
me= haha, i dont know about that
she= yeah it is,
luqman= maybe it is ablution
me= yeah i think so, that is ablution that we have to make if we touch opposite gender
she= owh really, we need priest to give us ablution
me= nope, we do it by our own.
she= is there any such things such as confession to priest when you make sins
me= nope, we have god, so we just talk to god
she= okay

she= ali, is it okay if you make a friend with non muslims women?
me= yeah,but with several limits, in fact right now we are friend is it?
she= yeah, but my ex housemate which is muslims, she moved out the house because she cant stand me as i brings many friends home, men and women,
me= it is just the matter of how she understand islam law
she= what law?
me= well, islam forbid all Muslims to have a free relationship with other sex since it has a risk of committing adultery which Allah really hate
she= owh, no wonder they have to wear their veil
me= have you ever god a friends who want to wear miniskirt and so on?why they do that?
she= to attract men ofcourse
me= for what? sex isnt?
she= well, yeah, but thats just normal
me= haha, muslims women dont have to do that cause all we,muslim men will look is the personality, imagine people who are born naturally not pretty, it is not fair right?
she= why?
me= well, no matter how they dressed up, they cant attract men physically. so it is not fair right?
she= alright, fair enough..

she= ali do you think that islam will conquer the world?
me= why you asked like that? are you afraid?
she= haha, dont know,
me= now freemason is conquering the world, is that okay with you?
she= ...


Pzu said...

best ak ske minah ni... best gak conversation camni ek... pggila ak lenkali kalu die dtg lg

anish said...

i like
jom mantapkan ilmu!
japgi kena tanya soklan higher level kang glabah2

Anonymous said...

weyh, suka gila conversation ni. didnt stop me reading a single second!!!

Rhazes said...

ok pizu, nanti aku roger kau pasni

ye anish,
sedang berusehe ni

ala, pmpuan ni mmg cm ckp bnyk
sbb die mabuk

mIsH IeRA cIK irAh said...

she= yeah, i am suprised that you guys knew this already, i dont think you are clever enoughme= im sorry?she= yeah, i dont think you guys clever enough that can know what i knew because many of my friends think that i am crazy, do you know illuminati and freemason, the will conquer the nope, they already conquering the worldshe= yeah..

hahaha... siyesly ali...i gelak sakan bace pasal bende ni :p bagi die tengok the arrivals ~..~ x leh blah gile statement bijak die tuh... Nway ali.. keep it up... kire dakwah cara lembut la ni :D

Rhazes said...

tu r
aku bengang gk
org eropah ni
ingt dorg bagus sgt

agak r
pelan2 kayuh
tp minah ni x de la cun sgt
so x berape bley nk bawak balik malaysia la buat isteri

Raja Burhan said...

i think this post is brilliant..well done ali!hehe

PeRaNTau said...

gempak =)

Rhazes said...

demi SH :)

Amal Osman said...

nice r ali...
ak nk jd cm ko (tetibe)....

Rhazes said...

kalau nk jd cm aku
first step kene pegi gym la
sbb aku kn taf