Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adventureous night (ye la sgt)

last saturday was a day which we waited for.We (M07Fian) went to alamanda to break the fast, it was "happening" actually with each of us dispersed equally inside the alamanda, some of them bought books, and some of them event shopped their household goods, (i wonder why)
lots of joy and happiness is a normal cliches to be said but of course, each of us had different feeling.maybe because something happened earlier.not to be mentioned because it was very silly yet effected the whole day. my mood spoilt t the first place, sorry my classmate. :(

we watched movie together, not to be mentioned also what happened during the decision making time.the death race movie was fun but i am quite surprised when heard one of my friend, had watch the movie yet insisted to watch it again. because of the main actor body i guess, because it is quite obvious.when we r approaching the break fast time, i was taken aback because our class not yet gathered at the rendezvous, which was in front of the ARL bowling. but, after waited for several second, again, we decided to not to wait and just go in to take the foods, luckily it is buffet, i had to use my spare stomach to fit the RM 30 buffet.And of course the late comers and also the lone ranger still make trouble for us where we need to figured out how to locate them in that crucial time. i don't know what they r thinking by simply came 5 minutes before magrib.

After that scrumptious eating feast, lols, we played bowling, not to be mentioned our pray which are luckily completed. when we finished bowling, it is already 10 pm. the girls already mumbling to go back home, but boys will be boys, we decided to karaoke for a moment while girls are waiting for the bus, although i am not so sure and actually not even interested, majority always win.

we finished that hilarious moment around 11 pm and my friend said,
'ala kompem de bas aku penah balik pkul 12 kowt'
and hence, my confidence boosted.
Then, to make short we waited until 1 am, there are silent disputes going on within our group. i believe it is because some of our 'royal' group-mate who cant leave her or his (to not make it obvious) bed. i wonder how they can survive overseas coz they could not afford to not be at home (college) even once. whoa, so adventure but not comparable with what our brothers and sisters in Islam are having around the world, yet, i heard another complain. come on guys.instead of thinking the alternative, they keep blaming the others. i believe it is because our bowling and karaoke which make we late. it is better light the candle than curse the darkness.
i got a call from majin, and msg from meno, luckily they still remember me, coz i didn't stand to be with those didn't.
wey bai, x kan nak sahor kat putrajaya kowt, nak aku amik x?
gne moto pak gad haha
After a while, one girl's parent came and fetch their gender-mate friends.i am not angry yet relieve coz u know why la. haha. then, the nicest guard i ever know ant to send us to mamak stall so we can sleep at nearby surau and sahur.very kind of them. thanks pakcik. i ate nasik paprik and nescafe which caused me 9 ringgit. hurm, nak kaye cpt2 pn agak2 r kan . then, we slept in nearby surau. and quite suprised when i saw my friend reading his note about gas exchange during this tiring moment. salute beb.
subuh came, then, we move and continue our journey to putrajaya sentral, and luckily got to college before 9, so we will have an ample sleep, excess indeed. i woke up at 3 pm after that,lols, i learned a lot, how to take the responsible although people might said ey ali, ko wat kepale la, haah, kepale otak kau, if i want to wait them to make decision, it will take the whole night because they keep objecting what ever suggested, and this is a prominent problem of my class. when all leaders grouped together, ego makes them unable to respect others decision yet couldn't come with brilliant idea.an enjoyable night and i learned a lot.
'ali, unity in this class is hopeless coz it is not important' (anonymous)


d4uh said...

hahaha...xsangka gak klas ko pon g karok...crita y mnarik...mcm rekaan pon ada gak...tp bile sampai part org baca note tu aku tau y cte ni benar...hahahaha

Rhazes said...

ko ingat aku pe
penglipur lara ke nak reke cerite

zulaikhazainol said...

post ni cam sgt b'kaitan dgn title blog ko hehe =p

we're all dummies in the process of learning

unity is something far far away for some of us
aku juge admit i'm one of the dummies coz sometimes i act stupidly, ignoring others

rakan2 M07* (ceh poyo cam org ztau je klas mne haha), sory for everything =)

majin said...

takpela ali. surely ada hikmah kan. sama ada korang dapat merapatkan hubungan sesama klasmate, or at the very least, dapat tengok perangai sebenar diorang di ketika susah.

p/s: berjaya gak kau buat update tue.

Rhazes said...

thanks btw
susa woo nak wat

Anonymous said...

reflect diri gak weh. don't go pointing fingers to others.

Anonymous said...

""i believe it is because our bowling and karaoke which make we late."

well said.

majin said...

haha aku ingat kat blog aku je ada anonymous.

Kat sini pun ada.

Rhazes said...

mesti r
yang anonymous tu r yang terase
nak sound tp x berani
ye la cik anonymous,
saye terime nasihat awak,
tp muvi death race tu best kan
g la tgk kali ke 3

Rhazes said...

kpd cik anonymous yang kedue
(aku rase same je)
mmg ktrg lmbt sbb tu,
tp yang nak sume tu bukan aku eh
org lain
x dpt la nak x pointing fingers to others
yang awak tu, dah reflect ke?