Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Black 18 Nov 2008

now, i become more aware in choosing topic to be posted in this blog
becoz i know it is boring to read something that not significant in our life
so ill go a lil bit choosy now
18 Nov
it was a lilbit white actually
it was the day which caused so much trouble for MO7Fians
the day which "deadline" of Math portfolio submission
the day where me and my group need to present our TOK
which has made miss tik taken aback
the day where every teacher that enter our class get out of the door with full of disappointment
the day where attendance of our class is the least which was average 8-10 person in a time
which the most schematic person on earth dare to skip the class
the day where puan azizah said that she was talking to herself more than average that she had done which is 5 times
the day where miss shick showed her depression about our non-academic performance
the day where i realised that not every people perfect
thw day which miss fatimah has give an ample example on what is a real cynical statement
the day where i skipped my recess for the first time in kmb
way to go !
the day i realised that something should have happened to rectify all this misery
the day that i started to rethink does extent ion of IA dateline has helped us a lot?
where i found that it was actually dragging another problems instead of solving it
the day that i started to rethink do extra classes really a must for TOK presentation?
which can repeated next year
the day that Ive been thinking why because of one teacher
you could simply ignored other teachers
the day which i hve been thinking
why that good and very understanding teacher shouldn't just extend the dead line ?
why she said that she will deduct two marks if we didn't managed to submit that thing
like she will complete marking all those papers a day after that
the day where me myself realised what do our seniors meant bout sem 3
"u foresee its coming" miss schik's sentence which had make me unable to counter it
"u neglected ur responsibility as student" what was puan azizah said
"u should have told me that uill skip my class for Math portfolio" miss tik's words
yeah teacher
we as the student are born-to-be-blame in everything we do
i know, it is our mistake by procrastinating our work
but the things is
not all of us are procrastinators neither the teacher
i just regret because there was no mutual understanding between us
we foreseen it is coming but we didn't expect that it will comes abruptly.
and that day was the day that i realised that i should address all my teacher as lecturer.

Friday, November 14, 2008

happy Belated Birthday

Many of my friends urged me to write something about my birthday
Ali, tulis la dlm blog ko
Many of us, have their own priority and selectivity on telling something to others
Whether it is fun
Or it is disaster
Or even if it is sad
Those words nothing related to my birthday
I am 19
Im much older that last month
If we go by number
I believe I have something bout this life
But definitely not much and not sufficient for my future
i started to turn a new leave
become a nu person
with nu characteristic
but it is not as simple as ABC
but, if i want to, i will to
Before 12 o clock
i was doing math
then, tada
several of my friend come into my room
hepi birthday, thanks to izzal and sloump and also nazam
then,as last year, my hp started to vibrate vigourously
my parent, my kaklong, my adik ika,anim gemok,atiqah n aisyah,ebal,faraadila,ika kimochik,
anuar,ain n sara,hawkma pelampong,miftah,syed danial,atiqah my kakak,
pejal,mono,texas,mastura,anei masturkey,yang sariyah,kawsar,farailyana,
from facebook,farah athirah,haizi,ikhwan mahmoud,faizal adam,azanie,amirakamil,ubye,
timot,luqman hakim,apai,karen,chan mali chan
jat bai, and azfar who managed to sing a song for me in concourse
and several person that i couldnt recall,
so, i would like to thanks those who appreciated me and
make myself special at that particular day,
not forgetting those who willing to wish but not acomplished
i know whats the feeling of couldnt make it
never mind
i missed all my friend from asis,
who never let me down on my birthday,
but, without any celebration on that 12 o clock
make my feeling of missing them stronger.
and special thanks for M07Fians especially those who asked my 2 ringgit for the birthday cake
so kind of you, in the middle of TOK assignment,you all could manage to do all these,
lets bury the hacthet and make the bygone be bygone
time wait for no man
-miss loh mei lin-

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh Ba Ma?

epidemic of barrack HUSSEIN Obama election as the president couldn't be denied
in fact,recently in Kuala Lumpur,celebration about this guy election quite happening
with his face printed in T-Shirt
with number of button produced about him
in fact, this kind of celebration unlikely to happen
if it is our local leaders election
y is that so?
u be the judge
actually, i like Obama more than McCain
this is because ,
physically Obama is black, so i believe the focus might be more internally
his policies on US economy also astonished me
i bet he must learned from puan azizah
dont even expect that he will still follow that bush,
with their so called 'external policies' which they claimed to promote love
pala hotak depa
during the midst of Obama's election news as president,
i am quite shocked when heard that Iran send congratulation letter to him
iran is the most powerful and brave Islam country in the earth,
an US is the most powerful 'police of the world' elected by themselves
masuk bakul angkat sendiri
we all know, world widely broadcast by their Never-went-wrong news agencies such as CNN, BBC and Bloom beger,
Iran has no reason to congratulate his enemy isn't?
how could you somehow appreciate something that your enemy has achieved?
then you must be politically ready to have more peaceful relationship right?
i really respect Mahmoud ahmadinejad for his peaceful act.
but, this person who so proud about his achievement,
this Hussein fellow la
somehow, simply respond to the media when questioned about Iran congratulation letter,
by saying ostentatiously that we (referring to US) should be careful with Iran
Iran is funding terrorism in this world
and we believe that they are much related with terrorism
they are muslim
hence they are terrorist
this coward statement somehow make me thinking of one verse in Alquran

Orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani tidak akan senang kepada kamu hingga kamu mengikuti agama mereka. Katakanlah: "Sesungguhnya petunjuk Allah Itulah petunjuk (yang benar)". dan Sesungguhnya jika kamu mengikuti kemauan mereka setelah pengetahuan datang kepadamu, Maka Allah tidak lagi menjadi pelindung dan penolong bagimu. (2:120)
And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor will the Christians, till thou follow their creed. Say: Lo! the guidance of Allah (Himself) is Guidance. And if thou shouldst follow their desires after the knowledge which hath come unto thee, then wouldst thou have from Allah no protecting friend nor helper. (2:120)
so, Muslims
dont simply admire non-muslims leader
although they are good in some way
they will not leave you alone

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One ScArY NiGht

guess what,
i just completed my cincai boncai Tok Essay
name pon first draft
1600 words, way to go..huhu
i just wanna tell you a short not-so-interesting story
that, last night
akak semek suddenly agree to come to class with akak leba
then i came followed by lahuma pnye adik
while we are talking, akak leba claimed that her laptop is virus-free
so, i scanned her laptop and know that she is telling truth
1 percent 29 virus kowt.
we had wonderful discussion with my friends
it was fun because we had the discussion inside the other class
in the darkness of night
i dont know why it is so significant
maybe for the first time in last 2 years i leave my former school
bese r , kmb kan ramai pejuang perseorangan didalam bilik yg terkunci
i my brain just moved that night
i could sense the movement of impulses toward my cereblum
moved means started to think
funny isnt?
i recalled back during in my former school, we had uncountable number of discussion
no barrier to entry
no social barrier though
but, past will be past
nak cite pasal bende dulu, nenek aku pn anak dare lagi
the discussion turn scarier when two small ghosts came and frighten us
so funny la dorg nie
then, they joined our discussion which latter make the environment havoc and merrier.
although in the end, the conclusion about what we talked about is not so clear
it is really fun though
i realised that my brain will work faster when I'm in happy mode
ergo, our time that night is not wasted just like that
cmon guys
discussion is fun