Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Wanna Change


A crumbling afternoon intersection

I see a flock of birds without wings

Striving to survive

Still unaware of what they are

Wings burned by the sun

They can’t even fly

But They all have one ambition

They want to fly and keep flying


A word to my friend

Who living on the wild side

What does it mean to live as you?

Breaking free from the shell that holds you

With every season comes a new self-discovery

You should change and keep changing

I wanna change, I wanna change

Be watak dinamik not watak bulat J

crows zero


majin said...

bersastera tue

Anonymous said...

ini hasil nukilan or hasil copy-paste? best wey

Rhazes said...

x brape nak sastera r
sbb x de simile n metapore

emey, da bace, baya r, ingt senang ke nk wt

petite girl said...

good !!!

keep up ali!!

Anis Syuhada Azizol Rahman said...


adlan wafi said...

aku kagum!

Rhazes said...

sbb pe
sbb kepoyoan aku?

j477 said...

waa..terbaik :D

Rhazes said...