Friday, October 10, 2008

KMB Hari Raya 2008 Celebration

this is poyos face
made by me without any preparation

whoa, this morning was so happening, lols
as i entered my class, all my classmate boo-hoing me
not becoz i am wearing baju raya, but merely i am late. luckily no teacher,
yeah, IB student must be on time
as the time passes,
and i am sleepy as usual,
those lectures was soo booring

then, the time come,
but, i have to help MPP handle drinks for teacher for a moment,
after that, we went to the hall and suprised there was no chair available,
then i heard one suggestion to go upstairs and watch the whole hall from the top,
and guess what, it was cool, but make me sneezing the whole time.

then, after we allowed to eat, i went to my class and joined them
it was fun having they assembled together with several of the boys lying on zul's carpet
haha , i brought murukku and several kueh raye, i dontknow wether it already finished or not.

after that, we had a number of photograph with my fellow friends and also with teacher. unlucky me we only managed to capture pic with miss punia only :(

it was simple, but merrier compared to last year,
and, hey guess what,
this is last raya here, insyaallah
and i am happy today

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petite girl said...

Wa~~~~sure u ate a lot!!