Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Data Or Member

now i am stranded at nowhere with my EE.
im telling you, my dearest mr/mrs blog,
now you should listen
i am damn tension right now
depressed coz have engulfed with the data of my EE
which the problem that i shouldnt get only if i am the only person that fully responsible
whereby 10 data seems not so enough for creating reliable hypothesis
iv been finding whats the problem of my questionairess
luckly i hve got not so tyranical EE advisor,
or else, my face might appear in tomorow newspaper,
'one KMB student, died eating his GDC'
those unprecedented feeling actually worsen
by those correspondent who simply reply
ali, aku x tau la mane aku letak soalan kau
i know,
i am asking your help
i am a friend in need
and you r the friend indeed
how could you possibly gave that very confident answer to me?
do you know what is the price of one of my questionnaires?
considering my family which not so wealthy like you ,
my purchasing power and disposible income definitely not sufficient
how come from 30 questionnaires given
only 10 replied?
some of my correspondent said that
'the question so hard la'
'the question too many la, mcm essay tau'
'there is no answers for those question, ko tipu ea? '
sorry my colleague
i have to create those question
not to burden you all
but for the sake of my EE
i know
as a person who belongs to this student society,
i should be lazy also to answers that questions
but yet,
we need to be considerable and sensible to our friend right?
we need to respect their needs and should appreciate what he has done by choosing us as the responders
we should think what is the becoming of him if the bloomin question didnt answered properly?
dont you think so folks?
i have no choice
no student could listen to me now
as they r so busy with tok essays
and so on
u mr/mrs blogger
u r here
be with me


jo said...

i'll try my very best to complete ur questionaire.

fareen said...

ala kau x bagi aku pon. klu ko bg ak sure ak bwt. heehe
neway, best of luck to u!

petite girl said...


petite girl said...

ek,,i tagged u!!!check my blog~=)

. p i s e y . said...

but it's ok.
kawan sbtulnye will owez be at ur side.
as for da Q,bleyh setelnyeh.
gudlak ngn esaimen2 (^_^)

LuTaNiA said...

where's my link on ur blog?
mrajuk lah.
nway u just got tagged.