Sunday, November 9, 2008

One ScArY NiGht

guess what,
i just completed my cincai boncai Tok Essay
name pon first draft
1600 words, way to go..huhu
i just wanna tell you a short not-so-interesting story
that, last night
akak semek suddenly agree to come to class with akak leba
then i came followed by lahuma pnye adik
while we are talking, akak leba claimed that her laptop is virus-free
so, i scanned her laptop and know that she is telling truth
1 percent 29 virus kowt.
we had wonderful discussion with my friends
it was fun because we had the discussion inside the other class
in the darkness of night
i dont know why it is so significant
maybe for the first time in last 2 years i leave my former school
bese r , kmb kan ramai pejuang perseorangan didalam bilik yg terkunci
i my brain just moved that night
i could sense the movement of impulses toward my cereblum
moved means started to think
funny isnt?
i recalled back during in my former school, we had uncountable number of discussion
no barrier to entry
no social barrier though
but, past will be past
nak cite pasal bende dulu, nenek aku pn anak dare lagi
the discussion turn scarier when two small ghosts came and frighten us
so funny la dorg nie
then, they joined our discussion which latter make the environment havoc and merrier.
although in the end, the conclusion about what we talked about is not so clear
it is really fun though
i realised that my brain will work faster when I'm in happy mode
ergo, our time that night is not wasted just like that
cmon guys
discussion is fun


Anonymous said...

mengapakah lebar??

Rhazes said...

segala watak yang digunakan tiada kene mengena dengan sifat fizikal orang tersebut