Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Past Is Past, The Future Is There

Well, we got a pool of judges in our life
despite their 'divine ability' to judge person
they are still willingly entertain you without fail
Though you knew what's in their heart.

yeah, people want someone that have certain criteria
to be liked or to like, to be friend or fiend
but, not everything appear prominently to human's eyes
is the same appear discreetly to the God's Eyes

If Past Mistakes Have made you Judged By A Person Blindly,
However Small it is, though it's Unfair,
like u won't Ever be good ever,
Just Take It and Go :)
Take And Go

Because releasing knife from a stabbed heart,
Just do more damage than it stays there
Have a Big Heart with many scars is better,
Than a small heart yet Untouched by Sadness


enonimes said...

like :)

Anonymous said...

gud luck in your life.

Rhazes said...

thanks anonymouses
write ur name plz :)

Anonymous said...

u know me.