Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya's Agony

The UK, the US and France have begun attacking Libya.

Well, the only eye we have right now to this particular matter,

is only from media, non-Islamic media exactly, therefore does it ample?

is it really2 that Gadaffi is doing what are portrayed on the media?

how sure are we that it is not propaganda by the west?

An excuse to invade and impale another Muslim country. Incidentally with oil richness?

sadly some of our Malaysian brothers in fact manage to critics Malaysian army,

why we didn't send our army to Libya to attack Gadaffi's army. heh.

i wonder why we are accustomed to condemn our own nation.

Owh, btw I’m not on Gadaffi's side.

Because for me, killing another muslims is really not a choice,

Via any means


Razzle Dazzle said...

wise thought.

i'm shirO said...


Rhazes said...

razzle, im not wise enough though :P

shiro, weee, da derme kt libya blom?