Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Old is Gold

I don't know why,
It seems remembering past things
Much more pleasing to me
Compare to current things

These things such as songs,
Past memories, past schools,
Past properties, past friends
Past study method, hence past exam results,

Past songs are so calming,
Made me wandering my mind back to certain moment,
Where i have been, while listening to those songs,
Trip to Penang And Segamat Johor Prominently .

Smells also can make us remembered back
Where we have been, what are we doing on that time,
I still 'remember' the smell of my standard 1 class room
Which i hated before but missing now :)

Not Forgetting, Past hurtful moment,
Past stupid feeling, past idiot moment,
Past hurtful fight, Past soul mate
Past Sad moment together,

I'm not Wishing to turn back time,
so that i can be there again,
But i wish i can, remember back, those moment vividly,
thus not condemning myself to repeating the same mistakes
over and over again :)

Hence appreciating the God's Unique gift,
The Memory :)

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