Saturday, August 9, 2008


somehow i felt examination is not so fair means in assesing people. its depend on that person condition that day, the environtment ,and also, the breakfast that morning..huh?

lets say if the person sleepy or having fever
and did not perform well in that exam
does that mean that the person English level is low?

low quality of sound system ,
with the so called standard English accent ,
uninformative KMB representative,
fierce timekeeper which did not allow someone go to toilet,
with one banggali from mars landed here in KMB somehow who keep mumbling like i had borrowed her father's money to take this exam,
with my friend who his facial expression considerably similar to drug addict sit beside me,
looked at me with so pitiful face and mcm nak mati,
what la weyh

with those very favorable and comfortable condition
i am sure that my result will b very cool
as cool as marlboro fresh mint which only admired by me,


last but not least
i remembered one of my friend's motto
which is could be a quote to ponder
'koridor bertekanan tinggi membuatkan halaju saya berkurangan'


LuTaNiA said...

yaww dude~~
giler cool anda ade blog.
i'll link u kay...? ;)
u can view my blog tooooo~~

alicia keys said...

banyak2 brsaba dude

Anonymous said...

kite ptt praktikkn konsep tawakal b4 and what i learned in usrah..huhuhhuh
so...tiap yg jad de hikmahnye...
yg penting..skrg..kite bdoala smoge Allah kurniakn yg tbaik ek???heeee

Rhazes said...

ok then