Monday, December 29, 2008

Ali's allegory of Life

Many of us face various problems everyday.from enormous like lost car, or losing someone, until tiny such as misplaced handphone.these problems i beleives will mould us into much relatively perfect person. many of us succeded solving those normal or small matter, but what if we faced the really heavy and enormous problems. there might be a lilbit of dissapointment of ourself right. ok, stop making things become more complicated

Life is like a wheel, sometimes we up, sometimes we down. so, be calm and relax. qouted from my father. he said that, our life is exactly like a wheel, sometimes we up to the highest point, far from the tar surface where we very lucky and feel comfortable, no problem to be burdened with and so on. sometimes, we down, we touch the tar, we go to lowest point in our life, we having burden, we gasping for freedom, tranquility to think happily and so on. one good thing about this analogy is the wheel able to rotate, so, you will not always be up, and not always be down, be prepare. this is a good solacer for us when we down because we will be confident that we will be up again.
instead of that conventional analogy, i found it is quite interesting when thinking that our life is similar to this amplitude graph or for some people it is sine graph. it sounds funny but see, sometimes up, and sometimes down. infact, this is the simpler version of previous one

but, for me, our life is like a business cycle, like this (ignore the detail on x and y axis. the important part is the shape of graph which is increasing), why is that so? because, everytime we face problem or suffering, we will actually gained something, which make us to be a better person, therefore, ourlife quality standard will increase, we will suffer lesser because of our experience that we gained. thats why, if we see our parent or older citizen, they will be less likely to stress easily.if you see, this graph is the amplitude graph but it is increasing. haha, this is what ivbeen thinking. wether it is crap or not, you decide. to be edited or continued depends on several circumstances. lols


Anonymous said...

cm blaja fizik jek =(
wey, ade anonymous bce blog aq astu kumen2 xnk bgtao nme? aq x suke.

Rhazes said...

mmg la
sape lak yg suke
dorg wt cmtu
kite lak tertnye2

aliya alisha said...

nak entry baru b4 balik..