Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Highway Signboard? stay in the correct lane please
1) Second three days of our mid sem break have fulfilled with adventures moment.
it is not lyke we lost in jungle nor chased by dinasour,
but just having some sort of 'jungle tracking' but with much vertically challenge
that is- we climbed Gunung Irau of Cameron Highland

A moment before the adventure Climb-4-ur-life like happen
2) hee, as a green hand person, i learned a lot from this xpdtion
thou shalt not try if didnt fit enough 
physical preparation is damn important 
coz u dnt want it to be ended people carrying you down.

a Day before our muscle Damaged
3)quite unique thus beautiful scene there, with delicious mosses covering every single wood up there but contrary, on the track, full of mud, thus need extra stretching and bending of ur leg

mcm dalam Harry potter kan?
4) we have much fun there, even met with climbers from singapore who spoke pecah malay 
it started when wheez, my friend who tore his shoe, then spotted by one foreigner, 
then he said, 
"waa, kasut suda picha, dua2 pun picha, banyak kuat woo ini macam."
then, we have to make sure that after several metres ahead, only we can laugh, 

me with selipar-picha weez and our guide
5)i still remember one of climbers said that 4 years ago, none  of the pathway are muddy.
it is full of mosses thus make us like walking on natural carpet, 
but now, things become worst.
sad eh?

Berbukhit bukau lyke obstacle in our life ?
6) we get back home with VIP seat whereby there is only 9 passenger from cameron to KL. lols

budak2 wonderpet.. haha

so overall, im satisfied with this xpdc 
special thanks to kidir and family coz they planned everything so well


Anonymous said...

ali macam encem la

Rhazes said...

macam je r

zulaikhazainol said...

Wey bngge x jmpe putri gunung ledang atas tuh hahaks =p

aizatzahari said...

f-ian shal
x leh blah

Rhazes said...

aiseh jat
sowi r dowh
lupe lak x bole

kpd ika
saye jumpe
x silap die ikut kitorg skali
siap jatoh gak

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