Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is it okay to be disappointed?

Let me give u 2 choices

No excluded middle

With people or with ur achievement?

I don’t know what is ur choice,

I choose achievement but not with people

Because when u disappointed with ur achievement

You will somehow indirectly motivate urself to become more prepare

And hence, perform well thus beneficial in long-run

So come on, let us disappointed many times.

But if you disappointed with people,

It is nothing to be gained yet you will lose ur time

Bcoz It is wrong

4 both of us


Since everybody lie 


Iqbal Amir said...

sedih je bunyinyer..
frust ke????

zulaikhazainol said...

agreed. :)
but i believe disappointment in people have a greater negative impact. coz it's easy to forgive, but not kn kn?

anyways, siapakah yang menipu di situ?

Rhazes said...

menade bro
aku masih gumbira senantiasa seperti dulu

kepade ika,
org tu..
x lain dan x bukan