Friday, September 19, 2008

Ali... be serious please.. (Anonymous)

I am thinking
whether my facial expression which often labeled as serious and matured should go parallel with my own attitude

i remembered what my mentor said in our last meeting.

"ali, u r the most matured person in this group physically, yet, you are the most cheeky"

and my fellow mentor-mentee members blast out laugh.

Could you imagine, how can i stay in my serious so-called excellent class, where the is appreciable accumulation of selfish and arrogant wit and shrewdest student.
whereby in many occasion, a drop of single needle can be heard throughout the class.

And yet, they asked why u r so cheeky??

damn, it will be like in the funeral event.

i think, they like it
i see eye to eye with you teacher.

ok ali
be serious

like one of my classmate.

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