Thursday, September 11, 2008

watch out!! it might be raining.

sometimes, we don't realize, something bad happen, is actually something good, we often labelled certain sadness that we experiencing is a catastrophe and likely to hate it very much

Lets think about rain, now, imagine yourself at a field, playing football, then, a thunderstorm came and the weather changed to horror frightening. we cursed the rain and without thinking much further, we seems frustrated.It is a heavy rain which you could even walk, in simple word, it is unbearable.but, after the rain stopped, the weather became calm and fresh.the atmosphere became very pleasant and we will thinking of playing football again.we didn't realise, god actually wanted to give us the beautiful rainbow right after the terrific, think carefully when u r frustrated because of certain thing. it is not the end of world.lols

This happened to me just several days ago when i totally frustrated with my placement and luckily i have my friends who reduced my tension and sadness without i realized it.thanks to them.appreciation will make friendship better. :)
i remember one cliches which is one of my friend favourite one,

if we couldn't get what we want,
lets like what we get.
be thankful.
God know the best for us.


majin said...

yes ali, you are right. Sometimes, we have to accept whatever things that god has given to us.

However, most of the times, by easily accepting everything so easily, we lost the desire to fight back and improve ourselves.

Even Allah swt suruh kita redha, tapi lepas berusaha bersungguh-sungguh.

Goodluck with your placement.

zulaikhazainol said...

Yeah.all the best to all of us. =)