Saturday, August 30, 2008

abang, saye duduk asrama

hurm, i have one sad story,yesterday, in the midst of hectic environment of merdeka, i was held in one roadblock. and because it is a second roadblock of the day to me as i had once near ampang early, i became confident. suddenly, one detailed policewomen, a.k.a kentel realised that my license already expired.

adik, ni bulan brape?
sori la akak
saye dok asrama, x prasan
ha, x pe
adik setel ngn abang tu,

then, she brought me to one policeman,

ey, ko nie, lesen 40 inggit pn x ley renew ke?
hurm, saye dok asrama bang,
x de, da salah tetap salah

then, i started to felt that this langsi officer like playing fool on me

ko nie kurang aja btol la, aku ngah tulis ni ko bising2 nape?

hurm, like a bolt from the blue, i called my father,

bah, saman la
lesen tamat tempoh
aduih, amy ni x abis2 nak abiskan duit abah
koperal mane semangat nak saman tu, bg abah ckp ngan die,
abang, ayah saye nak ckp,
ko x nampak ke aku ngah tulis nie?
bah, die x nak ckp,
bagi kat pegawai die
x pe la bah,
die da tulis da pon.

yang ko g kol ayah ko pesal?
ko dok bawah ketiak mak ko ke?
ko da wat salah
sendiri tanggung r
k bang, tapi saman ni brape?
tah, aku mane tau, aku tulis je, ko g tanye trafik

then, the officer's phone rang,
abang ngah keje la sayang,
x ley amik
abang abis dlm pkul 5 nie
sayang nek teksi la k

then, after this langsi officer completed writing the summon on me, he said,

ko anak polis kan?
nape x bgtau?
apsal ayah ko nak tau pangkat aku?
bang, ayah saye SI bang
owh , nape x ckp awal2
ni aku da tulis da
bang, x kan saye nak ckp time abng terus tulis je
ko ni pun

then, one officer came,

ala dik
relak la
biase la tamat tempoh tu
bape inggit je pn saman nie
k la bang
saye ley gerak dlu x?
ko ni kne kompoun je
dlm 30 inggit.
bang, saye dok asrama

why sometimes, rules didnt consider the condition of the charged person ?
why, i need to tell him that i am the son of policeman, ?
why, he didnt know the amount of the compound ?
why, i didnt have any chance to explain but labelled kurang ajar?

thats what happened during this year merdeka celebration
yups it is very meaningful
meaningful to me
coz its changed my perception towards government servant


adlan wafi said...

yup! i was stuck at kl central yesterday and had to ask for some assisstance; not from a government officer but from a man who works for a bus company and all the time, he replied to me with his loud voice and in a rude manner. What's up with that? Had he never heard of "budi bahasa"?

Malaysians, wake up!

Rhazes said...

i think they r having pms
the chronic and acute one

majin said...

or maybe Malaysian, especially, need some change in attitude.

w@w@ said...

pms? haha! cliche reasoning made by guys to people esp ladies when they are emo.. well.. i agree.. 51 years of independent, yet only physically, not mentally....

Anonymous said...

should rules know who our father is and where in earth we stay?

rules should be colour blind..
it's all go to the basic..integrity.
we always want the rules to be applied to everybody without any exception, but sometimes we ourselves find it hard when we include in 'everybody'.

rules should be more stern rather than considerable..

Anonymous said...

thank you mr or mrs anonymous
sometimes, we r lucky when we in the safe and stable condition,
but when it come to unlucky situation,
whereby for instance, we didnt even mean to do that unlawful act,
consideration should play important role, we r human ,
not a stern robot,
rules r made to be broken,
org melayu kate,
berat mate memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul