Monday, August 18, 2008

Being good by the society's eyes

It is very much appreciated by certain community or society when we have a good behavior. we will be like in a limelight where all attentions are directed to us. I use to be in that situation. Some people like funny guy with very talkative character some sort of clown to them. Some people like a person who silent, obey and just listen other’s conversation. Some prefer a person who is also talkative, funny, but in certain condition only. I mean she or he will make people laugh seldom. Each of us has different perception on certain people. Then respect plays important roles.
Here come the conflict,
There are two walking bare-footed fellows, a father and a son, with one camel. When they entered one village, people laugh and said, such a moron person, they have the camel, but then they walk, useless. Then when the father realized it, he asked the son to ride the camel. They, those villagers felt satisfied shut up. After a while, the father and the son entered a different village and want to stop for rest and food. But as they get near to the stall, someone yelled loudly and said, such a disgraceful son, how dare you let your father walking and you ride the camel? You should walk and your father. After the food and rest, they continue the journey. And I am sure you could predict what happened next rite?
Yup, again, they have criticized by the villagers.
The main Idea a.k.a the objective is to show that, it is very hard to make everyone satisfied with what you do and the consequences of what you have done. This is so applicable to behavior. It is very hard to make everyone like everything we do. From my very inadequate but appreciable experience, I frequently heard some of my colleagues that we should have a good behavior within our society. But, what come into my mind is, what is good behavior?
those TOKian, please answer coz i didnt even know.
in a nutshell, for me, we need to learn by ourselves how to accept people as what they are. But, trust me; it is very difficult because our culture have inculcated this habit. And I am not happy with my behavior toward people as they often interpret it adversely than what I meant. L

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