Friday, November 14, 2008

happy Belated Birthday

Many of my friends urged me to write something about my birthday
Ali, tulis la dlm blog ko
Many of us, have their own priority and selectivity on telling something to others
Whether it is fun
Or it is disaster
Or even if it is sad
Those words nothing related to my birthday
I am 19
Im much older that last month
If we go by number
I believe I have something bout this life
But definitely not much and not sufficient for my future
i started to turn a new leave
become a nu person
with nu characteristic
but it is not as simple as ABC
but, if i want to, i will to
Before 12 o clock
i was doing math
then, tada
several of my friend come into my room
hepi birthday, thanks to izzal and sloump and also nazam
then,as last year, my hp started to vibrate vigourously
my parent, my kaklong, my adik ika,anim gemok,atiqah n aisyah,ebal,faraadila,ika kimochik,
anuar,ain n sara,hawkma pelampong,miftah,syed danial,atiqah my kakak,
pejal,mono,texas,mastura,anei masturkey,yang sariyah,kawsar,farailyana,
from facebook,farah athirah,haizi,ikhwan mahmoud,faizal adam,azanie,amirakamil,ubye,
timot,luqman hakim,apai,karen,chan mali chan
jat bai, and azfar who managed to sing a song for me in concourse
and several person that i couldnt recall,
so, i would like to thanks those who appreciated me and
make myself special at that particular day,
not forgetting those who willing to wish but not acomplished
i know whats the feeling of couldnt make it
never mind
i missed all my friend from asis,
who never let me down on my birthday,
but, without any celebration on that 12 o clock
make my feeling of missing them stronger.
and special thanks for M07Fians especially those who asked my 2 ringgit for the birthday cake
so kind of you, in the middle of TOK assignment,you all could manage to do all these,
lets bury the hacthet and make the bygone be bygone
time wait for no man
-miss loh mei lin-


girl =) said...

eleh.. penipu.. hari 2 kate x de sape pon yg wish die..

mr.Nik Syafiq said...

Happy belated birthday,ali

Rhazes said...

thanks beb
kepade girl poyo
x ya gedik

anish said...

ade sorang budak tu kan.dia call aku.aku pelik,asal tetibe je dia ni call aku.x penah2.rupenye,ooooooo~birhtday dieeee~hahaa~

wey kamoo~dpt free call baru nak call yer?cit!hagagaga~guraw je.happy belated bday anyway!

baizura_bye said...

happi belated bday!!