Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Medical Career and Islam

i have just resigned from a post,
sport representative of islamic society,
a post which i mistakenly perceived,
to be the post that should be fun and beneficial to others,

well, random stranger may be judgmental and say,
i am coward, lazy and dont have responsibility,
they might as well add their hatred toward me,
but things are not always same as we see from outside,

my third year studies began to become more stressful,
well, since every semester, we usually will emptied our brain,
so have to regain back all the knowledge that i am expected to have,
i am not like the other genius guy which keep the same momentum of learning,

i have already regret the way i judge people's studies by mocking them,
yes, i am wrong, people do have their right, they have their own way,
and we, as friend should not mocking them, coz when the karma happens, it hurts,
it is like, mocking a rugby player that keep training everyday, look stupid isn't?

but then, when someone said to me, go study and abandon islam, sarcastically,
that's not a good compliment i supposed, what is the post to compare to Islam as whole,
even, i don't think, people in the society it self, doing the right things themselves
unless talking in the prayer room is one of the criteria of becoming good Muslim,

im not a good Muslim to begin with, not a good medicine student either,
so is it wrong for me to focus on medicine first so then, i can contribute to Islam profoundly?
compared to just a 1 semester of organizing sports and stuff according to certain race needs?
i think i have my own choice of life given by my owner, My Life :)

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