Thursday, September 3, 2009

heLlo dubLin

we arrived here just several days ago, kind of cold with misty rain,
well, it is just similar to our fridge back in malaysia
but is just more natural,

good 2 irish housemate,
mic n joe, they just as friendly as they can be
luckily i got mozac to be my housemate as well,

internet here has a ample fastness,
so for a skype with my parent, very easy
but, we have to hinder ourself from tasting their food because,
we r fastinggg, n to make thing worst, most of the shops in dublin closed just right after we break our fast

i went to dublin mosque, well, it is really great, they are restaurant n gym and even basketball court there, so , really really mind opening.. but im not into social yet coz we r a lil bit busy.

not forgetting my family and fellow friend who managed to send me until the last gate,

last but not least,

saye rindu malaysia :(


wan najah maryam mohd daud said...

whoot2.alhamdulillah sampai sudah kamu kat sanee.anywayss.the best of luckkk.kamu rindu msia, msia lansung x rindu sama kamu =p.huhu.sedapnye bazaar ramadhan kat sini.nyum2!~

wan najah maryam mohd daud said...

alhamsdulillah selamat sampaaaii
rindu sama msia?
sory msia x rindu sama kamuu
hav funnnn n all the beshhh

Rhazes said...

whoot whoot
stakat air soya cair kat baza ramadhan tu
x heran r
rindu matahari r

petite girl said...


i got ur message but it was late by the time I wanted to reply!!!

waaaaah~~~great!!!you have been through a lot to be there ali!!=)

ala,bazaar kat sini sama je.bosan dah makan kat bazaar.=)

razzle dazzle said...

bestnye! :D

iema said...

rindu malaysia ker..buat semak jer amy ko kat sini...haha :P..joke.~