Thursday, September 10, 2009

first great experience

yeah, well, in ireland, drinking is just like teh tarik n lepak in mamak stall in malaysia,
last night, i followed one of my housemate to meet their friend downstairs,
it is actually fun to observe drunk people as they will keep talking anything and almost everything,

you name it, from girl, nation, politics, race and so on they will become like our makcik2 in malaysia who keep talking of others, making up stories to humiliate others, and so on...
well, as drinking is one of their culture, it is nice for them to ask other people as well,
i am kind of pleased when one of them ask me for that,

ali, you will be drinking soon, one or two pint is not so matter, we will still pass our exam, believe me,

but dude, i believe in god more


Anonymous said...

teh tarik lg sedap, arak cm kencing je kaler die

huney_wawa said...

kuatkn iman taw!!

Rhazes said...

agk r, aku da kempunan teh tarik da ni

baiklah,bertahan bertahan

Anonymous said...

lawak la emey ni...but couldnt agree more..hehe
wat sendiri la teh tarik...
Allah bersamaMU

anish said...

aku dengar arak langsung x bes dowh
jgn dekatkan diri!!!!

jgn minum kencing shaiton!!!